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shall have passed the Examination on Surgery conducted by the Royal
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lade, made us feel as if our quarters were exceedingly hot. Several
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two courses ; Ophthalmic Surgery, one course. Nine months in Sir
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come to read in print the valuable communication of Dr. Sibson, we
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cases another. In the first group, the opacity is of a rusty brown
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position to enter upon this study of figures and tables that have been
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30 mg amitriptyline for sleep
victi-ris of one type of zymotic disease been soldiers whose lives had been sacrificed
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ence suggests. Is it according to medical etiquette for a practitioner to
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flamed, enlarged, softened condition of the utenis is not seldom the
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evidence shall be adduced in favour of the physical doctrine of life.
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municipal purposes. The effect of including this large tract of rural
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Guardians, therefore, are confirmed in the belief that Poor-law medical
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had seen a woman up and at the w^ashing-tub a day after her confine-
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committee. It is known that this has not only been a measure of eco-
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intensity with pain in the right side. When the side was easy, the shoulder was easy
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sary, the wound may be somewhat enlarged. It is but of small conse-
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prepared to give their services during the continuance of the war.
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rest are healthy. The patient had scarlatina when an infant, but had
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Medicine or University having a staff of teachers or board of examiners,
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2oth, I doubt if he would have rushed so heedlessly into print. The case narrated
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<^"d_ July 29. Week end^Aug 5. Week end. Aug. 12. Week end. Aug. 15
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could learn nothing. The Prussian bullets, I think, are somewhat
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lithographic portraits, mostly of European medical men. The engravings
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In forwarding the subjoined correspondence. Dr. Lownds states that the case which
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Bruce, John Mitchell. M.A.Aberd., University of Aberdeen
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ter — so vast that one mind can hardly take in the whole range ; so dif-
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which will go to convince the people of the town that there is a deter-
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more than a river. Jfr. Clifle tells us that, in consequence of the nature
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nnocular optic neuritis. In physicians' practice, optic neuritis was
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the abdomen, we found the small intestine considerably distended, and
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will facilitate the passage of the faeces, and in this way prevent tiie
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spectfully begged to express his very great doubts as to whether that
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tionable advantage ; the special institutions in the town attracting most
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spine, and chloral was given at night to induce sleep. It was noticed
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reths. The percentages were, according to the numbers above given,
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I CANNOT but offer my congratulations to the Association that the
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from one and the same lecturer ; but Anatomy and Dissections will be
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them were many who were in a poor condition to undertake a long,
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Majesty's Physicians in Ordinary in Ireland, and is the author of nu-
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As an Assistant in compounding and dispensing medicines.
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and much success to him in his labours." [ia «</ c/^iferj. ]
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Diseases and Injuries incident to Military Service. At its conclusion,
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matter, whether laisser faire or not, has been a failure. Our estimate