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pearance is delusive, for they are, nevertheless, steeped
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half in width, and was of an oval shape. The right auri-
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almost universally affected with liver complaints, stomach or bowel
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details in its application, and proper attention to
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time or other be, to establish this fact in a court of
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sary to remove the contents of the axilla in every case,
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been given froin twenty to thirty grains thrice a-day.
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The work is divided into twenty-five chapters. The first treats of the
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tion of cirrhosis of the liver, it may be difficult to decide what part of
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continue to study till twelve, when they go out for a walk, hungry
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but is there any proof that prevailing opinion is cor-
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or two lines, and the incision is to he (hrected uj)\vards, instead
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opening. I complete the opening by passing the finger
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of blood or less, according to the amount of uric acid present.
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his pre-eminent abiliti« s and inextinguishable zeal as a surgeon
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aneurysm. — Plicque, Presse mkl., Paris, July 20, 1901.
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removal was decided upon, and readily accomplished by a small incision
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both occurring within the last fifteen years. The course of the epidemic
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rangement, the original views which he takes of them, his in-
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differently according to the preparation used. Its effects vary
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Eokitansky^s (perforating) ulcer of the stomach (twice over), Asiatic
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The inhibitory pressure not only lessens conscious pain
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probably the choice of the profession for its control. This may be
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with a few such cases, and, as a rule, rheumatism made
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uids from the blood through the veins ; thence comes
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itea in medicine would attend the lectures of the colleges, it would be the
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Mrs. J. P., aged 42 years, developed pellagra in mill village S, an endemic center.
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When the immediate danger of any extension of the clotting has been
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upon the penetration of germs into the closed sac, — how these pene-
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itself furnishes, and that yielded by the serous surface of the pe-
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fluctuation, although it is most undesirable that the incision
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thing, organs, by which they are exercised. Yet, when speaking
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secondary growths in the skin and subcutareous tissue of
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superior strait, are able to show. We believe an early resort to the Ctesarean
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localized in one pole, which, according to Zondek, is due to the fact that
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now proceed to examine the experiments of an eminent