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latter has burrowed down along the planes of cellular tissue

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involved, but the kind of lesion, it matters not whether it is

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useful. The treatment is given, in considering the disease (hysteria,) to

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addressins the editor o^ihe Boston Medical and Surgical Journal— tnc/o^iw^ one doUar, J>tters musty

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aspirations as those of a great English philosopher in

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the nervous structures are depurated of their waste products, and

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though they play (juite as important a role in this disease as the fe-

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out a single exception, that the soil in tOAvns or vil-

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so that at the present time she requires considerable supervision. Her seizures

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it increased the power of contraction for a short period,

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the rise in pulse and blood pressure that it normally should, and this

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attributed to the quinine, the potash, nor the injection alone, but to

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a woman's college. It might be imagined a simple by several individuals that the field par excellence

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some spirit its claims as the best method for reducing

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be 43.8. 10-^ and that of human milk to be 22.6. 10-^ He concludes

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the patient quiet, he having no pain and moving about

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saries are handled might advantageously have been held in check.

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Dr. Douglas said there were a few things in the paper of

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lu.-. and al,., -,., ,lin„i..n u .,. up ,n ,., ah-, nb.n, ;:anii;<-.-l,k. t i-l...

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administration of the same proportions of these two ingredients

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surface. It stimulates, perhaps, by its impact, the

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was typical. Albumin reappeared in the urine during

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it is doubly important that a pure soap be selected, hence Listerine Dermatic Soap will prove an

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Class 2. Drastic Purgatives. — Croton Oil, Scammony, Jalap, Gam-

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from such an operation. I place stress on this ; for without it,

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congested. The tongue at first is coated, with clean tip and sides. Nausea and

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acterized by fever and great prostration, and if the disease affects

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r*-*rtion and The mmatl or febrile *ta£* bang* fcmedL It

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resort to the courts and the use of the city's money

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pressed air the expulsion of air from the lungs is ren-

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Symptoms. The disease commonly starts in the upper part of one

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traction would be liable to tear ofiF large portions of the parietal peri-