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cytes possess the power of destroying microphagocytes;
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may be taken for many years, not only with impunity, but
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nitric acid and urine are placed in separate test tubes, and with the tubes
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ciicamstance does not interfere with the reposition. Corresponding
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tion in each case is to give promptly injections of mercury.
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cases of articular rheumatism prior to the affection of the joint. The
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emetic was administered in divided portions until he had taken
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cer: discussion of this disease was limited to the ques-
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1844, he records the treatment of thirteen cases of hernia by
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nature of the reactions of the cells, so that it is safe
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The operative treatment of tuberculous peritonitis varies
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less dangerous ; summer is the safest. The first year of life presents the greatest
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cles are generally hard, covered with dry scales, and are
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and pneumonia. That practice was gradually abandoned
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When the attention is volitionally directed to the self-feeling, when
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splints could be safely removed after the like inter-
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of medicine, nor could the most excellent memory retain them
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represent a curved spinal column, and showed that any
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but the work of tenderness and pity of which she is the apostle
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OowDEBT, S. G., Captain and Assistant Surgeon. Granted
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is treated in the same way. The opening in the vault
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of A-ision, dimness of vision, and even complete blindness are frequently
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in the period of development; the younger the pupil the greater his
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July 21-22— Arrhythmias: Interpretation, Diagnosis and Manage-
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could hardlj break it by pulling with ray hands, on account of
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be laid upon those million fingertips, the blind man could tell
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S ince the patient is presendy hospitalized for an apparent
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part was ossified throughout ; the earthy matter lying in separate
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the rusty hue of pneumonic sputa. On the 2Tth, auscultation and
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state of our experimental knowledge it is impossible to identify it, nor is it
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rhea may occur with greater frequency, and ultimately
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cultures of pneumococci was promptly antagonized by the injection of
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ectropion, dlstortiou of the mouth, etc, which cause the moet hideooi
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tained fact, too, that at Paris the students did not so
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the village where he was stationed. This gave rise to great
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common, according to the general belief, supported by experimental, clinical,
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Such is Dr. Manson's description of the physical signs of the
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grave renal lesion. Further than this our present knowledge does not allow