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On the Therapeutic Management of Dyspepsia from the Nenrolo-
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the crotchet as the most terrible instrument that science has placed in the
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Diilwyn Parrish, J. C. Allen, W. Hodgson, Jr., and Elias Durand ; correspondents,
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preparation of the diet in hospitals, that is required in
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affected, and hence a greater degree of redness will develope itself in that
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ing into the bladder, until the urethral and perineal
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plished chemist has published his ingenious procedure for liquefying and
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gical interference. With tracheotomy I have seen it
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worn-out stomachs, or those with depressed functions,
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thenia then would seem to be poor in oxygen-carrying
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main embryonal while the cells of the upper layers are
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three successive years 1831, 1832, 1833. The remarkable fact developed is
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cised portion resembling a natural segment of an orange.
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Surely a chronicle such as this must give us pause if too
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but was more lively than he had ever previously been, and for some time
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one to four inches in length, about half an inch in width, at times much
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The findings of the bacteriologists of San Francisco,
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understand the reactions of the body to various mor-
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called attention to the frequent fluctuations between the ab-
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casts. Still another class of cases may be denominated cere-