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it has required the most careful supervision and instructions by

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Baltimore read a paper on this subject which included a

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the reader acquainted with the principles upon which remedies are to

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between the fascia of Velpeau and the peritoneum the preperitoneal

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mild attacks of malaria in their native country which

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ledge and found a friend and patron in Cardinal Pole whom he

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mia with diminution of the serum of the blood in quantity a

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of it occurring during pregnancy. From Dr. Hirst s paper

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Sleeplessness and its treatment continues to be a topic of

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subsequent kings and by sundry popes particularly Adrian IV

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diminish the value of the Profession or degrade it. The

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to much credit is the fact that a diabetic may abstain

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the subjects of specific urethritis. He also cites Hirschberg Prof.

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tion. If the gland can be remt ved by operating from

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the hand is carefully introduced into the rectum. During the

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normally found in the ganglion cell and nerve fibre layers

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his time and the state of the specialty as pictured

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period. Increase in the diastolic pressure without change in heart rate

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Quin s as one of the grandest religious ceremonies I ever wit

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lesions whether bony or in the skin are rare in advanced

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proposed tentatively by a committee of the British Medical

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fected but the opponents of contagion only saw in this the

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innumerable varieties. Hectic fever is encountered as often as a

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section for the removal of the ovaries when if these organs be

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And Homoeopathy has afforded this striking proof in a way

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each other is doubtless an important element in the tannin

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Hall St. Vincent Street on the afternoon of rd March.

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any ordinary instance recurrences are frequent however and while the com

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The physician in attendance had tried first a swab or mop as she

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as a preparation for the study of operative surgery and

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