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cure of the disease in this locality consists in changing
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his father when quite young. He commenced and pursued his
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of purpura hemorrhagica followed by trismus to an extent that the patient
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which might occur beyond that taking place in the stock
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types. As to the tonsils if we accord to them the function
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prolonged period of time Use caution in administering to
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There were two forms of hemorrhagic disease in which
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Vincent Jackson with severe stricture of the urethra and vesical calculus.
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the parenchymatous elements of the organ may be over
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phet and instead of the frequent disagreement between theory
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Transylvania Journal of Medicine. The editorship of this respectable
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laity that I shall refer to this subject but briefly. An
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Usually salicyluric acid appears in the urine in from
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the small quantity of theine that is absorbed by the mucous mem
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polymorphonuclear leucocytes. They resemble the para
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the critical acumen displayed in reviewing the several theories
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creature than in the tough hided lymphatic individual. The
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