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society on rectal stricture cited a genuine case of rectal gumma and
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acteristic symptoms of adenoids where all traces of the disease have
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the first skull with his right foot and went leaping
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organism dies. Methylene blue is therefore a disinfectant and can
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in situ gave trouble the leaving in of the placenta caused
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in chronic chloral poisoning jjurpura is of frecjuent occurrence. In toxic doses
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has shown ine two specimens in each of which the abscess
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of its attached margin considerable more arched than natural
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stitution of this fluid I present the following analysis of the bile
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found on investigation a varying aetiology viz. syphilis
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determine and often cure many forms of obstruction.
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a cell consists of a certain quantity of living matter and a
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companied by all the physical signs of bronchial adenopathy on one
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by Mr. Marshall already referred to were as folln ws
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Illustrative Cases in Literature. It does not lie within
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state agency established to provide medical surgical corrective
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ord. TwmariscineR leaves of R. venniculata are u ed
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most striking point. It is also to be classed with Case Xo.
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frequently mentioned but I believe its full value is
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Dr. G. Thermes reports two instances of laryngeal vertigo in
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The occipital artery and its branches were also similarly