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with floceuli of fibrin through it. In the pneumococcus empyema the pus is

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the germ inert immediately after it leaves the body. This is to be

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way they were able to respond. Red tape was a favourite

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examination to lay bare a beginning tuberculosis. The whistling

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or less severity and often with frequent variations of intensity. When

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abdomen a lax skin and other cretinoid appearances. Treatment

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man at other times the daughter and granddaughter cysts remain within the

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under the direction and control of the Superintendents

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also affords a general indication that different factors speaking in

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The heart and kidneys were the other organs shewing

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tained placenta. Fifteen post mortem examinations were made.

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to the region of the appendix. Depending upon the degree of inflamma

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an ovarian cyst and gravid uterus or an anal fissure

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a prospective outline programme for the annual meeting of the

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partial or complete destruction of the tympanic membrane

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which the infective agent has not been discovered. The usual

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at Mont Alto and said that the State would soon have a

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