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there is considerable danger that post epileptic automatism may

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of the left half fields called left hemianopsia. The varieties of hemianopsia

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serve how the irregular movements quiet down after sponging and

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after giving the character of the Cynanche as a genus I have

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thor tried curretting in one of his cases and although he

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but of round celled sarcomas only were cured while improved.

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Tapeworms Cestoda Taeniae. These are found in man and

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Dr. Joseph Price of Philadelphia These subjects are worthy

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the pneumonia gangrenous the animal dies with litres of tur

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files. Figures should be professionally drawn or photo

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tion of the fingers nor a sensation of numbness in the affected muscles.

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to which the mirror is attached. To render spectacles

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months pregnant. This was repeated at the fourth months at

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A microscopic examination of the sputum demands a most extensive

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Auscultation affords the more delicate tests. The auscultatory phe

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always uses the tincture or infusion since he has seen

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may be some premonitory symptoms such as staggering and

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relative magnitude of the head the greatest degree of consideration should be

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to take place when the Ninth International Veterinary Congress

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pigs are born with and the existence of which is so painful

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i.e. the shortness of the cycle may determine the clinical malignancy of

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The result is an improved appetite and increased digestive

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The most common symptom met with is a moderately dilated very

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of solid food particles through the junction the remedy is

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ordinary composed chiefly of students at midday and

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impaired in importance and value they lead astray from the directbn in

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gical science it is recognized that many theories are

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tubular nephritis being the primary lesion in lead kidney I am not ignorant

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narily assumed in the comparison of one district or State with an

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pelled to do so bat after a number of fruitless efforts

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sion of fever the smaller arteries of the surface of the body

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After the cure of the primary disease the resulting