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278 Experimental Illustrations of Convulsive Diseases.

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They were not found with unequivocal certainty in the throm-

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body, without the pod being burst, and so would be innocuous (as had, in fact

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obstruction or paralysis. The only condition in which

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hysterical form, if it last long, electricity may be applied locally,

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light pressure. The number of papules is generally small, in the majority

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from want of novelty, but they may not be uninteresting, as they corroborate in

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adverted to as supporting the truth that a crime may really be the fruit of an

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for example, in the skulls of fishes and amphibians,

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wire, when heated after acidulation with hydrochloric acid.

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ders. I saw the patient at 5 a.m. Repeated attempts to

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arm. The attacks occurred at variable intervals of time,

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Dr. Cullen's indication, agreeably to his view of the proximate

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" water-bed " was resorted to. There appeared to be also great ex-

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made along the shaft of the tibia, and finding that the perios-

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that the secondary mischief in the kidney is not discovered. The chief

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basin of water with a thermometer, so that the water shall be kept from

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Here nucleated reds are almost always present, and for the definition

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gray powder is given as an alterative every night and seems

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stances, which, being easily absorbed, he thought might be

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to determine whether the danger arises from a personal

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productive of injurious, rather than of beneficial results. According to our

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and the spleen seems slightly enlarged. The blood-cur-

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enucleation of the eye, and this I was extremely reluctant to

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€nt levels of the cord are being very considerably modified.

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related, and described minutely, both clinically and pathologically.

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piration from 34 to 49. Physical prostration was increasing,

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bach's tests (see p. 1079) also give at times uncertain results, and in some

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regards improvement. The condition of the heart remained

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