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opportunity of verifying it, without some strong positive evidence.

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disease are encountered, differing anatomically among themselves.

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month anticyclonic systems prevailed more or less. They were attended

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Also some fibers were clearly seen in the anterior funiculus

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morbid fear of nocturnal emissions and a dread of im-

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large numbers of streptococci in and around the vessels.

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hemorrhage from the bowel did not occur ; it was present only

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The most universal means for preventing diseases was the

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femoral veins. Writers assert that it may take place i after

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There is, usually, no difficulty in distinguishing the

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This latter prodigy is the graduate of a Canadian school, and I make

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have never found it completely subdue the pain; it has one advan-

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Then again it is the habit of New Yoikers to have tea and coffee at lun-

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become livid. Marked constipation is usually a con-

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desire for change of dut}^ in order to maintain a local efficiency; 4

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these natural safeguards become in a measure debilitated.

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very delicate vessels, or rather a blush of redness surrounding the

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the house, and if this be done with efficient virus,

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and the patient in a short time feels as well as ever until the next day, or per-

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enough to build sanatoria ; it was even more impor-

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The editorial page of the first issue states that-'Formulating and expressing lucidly

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most imperceptible, the mucous membranes highly congested ;

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great damage which is likely to be done by the general use of

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operation, he prefers, accomplishing, by an arrangement different from the bow

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very great pain, a more intense prostration, and de-

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dividual constitutions being more feeble. Austria suffers great

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pervades the breast, and during menstruation may even amount to

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proportions between different parts of the heart, and between that

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is much oozing from it, the lower angle should be left open for drainage.

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sixty to seventy years, 8 cases. Eleven of these were on the right side and

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on each side and an umbilical one, but was born at full time.

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