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occurs much more frequently in young women than in any other

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Natrum Muriaticum in Fevers. — In this substance we

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mined by the preseuceof a scotoma in the iield of vision.

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cephalus and anencephalus, double monsters, etc., would be readily

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under the same treatment as the other cases for four

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of intestinal obstruction: (1) There is a great increase in the elimina-

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f. AngeDh.,, 1893, xxrii, 112-132, 1 diag. — von

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the slightest influence; such are the heart and muscular tunics of

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which had e.\isted for a year, was secondary to cataract

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due to special bruising in that region. I might have added a

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ago, a lady aged fifty came in, complaining of discomfort about the

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been the bugbear of English Midwifery. It has been sought

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i. Bilateral Hydronephrosis. — ^In this case the obstruction is situated

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muscles of the arm and forearm, blue line along the gums, &c. Iodide of po-

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incidences of such infective diseases as he happens to meet,

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into requisition, and that a respectable Practitioner was in-

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in many cases, diarrhoea and vomiting: The temperature

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ing as reservoirs for the blood before it entered the ventricles.

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number in which, although no symptoms directly refer-

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vary from 96°-5 right, and 94° left, to 96° right, and 96°-5 left,

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poison of glanders, by which a diseased horse fatally infects his

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What is known as "hog cholera" not unfrequently ravages the

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taken, unless the evidences of a deliberate purpose, are such as to leave