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circumstances which cause these pelvic malpostures. According

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the child. This case, Pellagrin 120, was reported to us by Dr. A. W. Nelson

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Exciting Causes. — Deficient blood supply ; want of light

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George L. Oumey, M.I>., Medical School of Maine, Bruns-

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distal portion is dropped back into the inguinal canal. The

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Ink, Silver. — For silver ink the process is the same as

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in this sex is due to the mode of living and peculiar affections.

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/. Grafton Love, M.D., Rochester, Minnesota.... 275

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tion the wisdom of the rule already laid down : That

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over into a pale yellow. The combination with iodine and alcohol effectually

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excess of the latter will be necessary to prevent the formation of an

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Platting, Recreational and Environmental Services Gregory Vander Velden

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provided tliere was no variation iu the specific gravity

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between 1054 and 1060 in severe cases. Monti believes that the

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inheritance has no foundation. Were it true, mental acquire-

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purging, produce the same action when injected into the skin or directly

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its place, and I think it is well to persist in its use.

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condition of a great many of our people, the army examination showed

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plied in the mosquito; and are not to be considered as stages in

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matter" of tissues, owing to their getting an excessive supply of pahKhtm

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An abstract of the report of Dr. D. J. Cain of S. C. was read by Dr. Wragg, who stated

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while attempting to take a drink she suddenly felt " peculiar

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the opium retards their exit, and so prolongs the dis-

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