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secondary manifestations, the metastatic conditions, which usually cause a

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is the same as or different from D. cyaniventris. At present, on the

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loss of fortune, or want of suoceas in the pur&aits of life, and severe aOi» I

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At eight o'clock on the same evening CoUyer's daughter

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Ferri et Ammonii Tartras. Tartrate of Iron and Ammonium. —

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(pleximeter) laid on the outside of the chest it is mediate. The

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tion, was held in Bristol in 1834, under the presidency of

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disinfected should be closed for six hours. Alcohol is

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Sensation was quite gone in the legs, but was little or

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light on medicine in France, and typhoid fever definitely took the place which it now

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■ — Prof. Burdon Sanderson, of Oxford, then deliv-

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ployed: 3 c.c. of blood are treated with about" 30 c.c. of Dennige's

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In nearly all of these cases the metastases, particularly of the bones and

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each bath, and gave a bath every day or every other day.

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and experiment, and from a prolonged disuse of the drug as

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done by men who were on or over the border of neurasthenia for

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centres controlling bladder and bowels are apt to be involved.

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Even if sugar disappears under treatment, they must

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tween foreign bodies and the so-called late results of head injuries.

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ing hemorrhage into the t>vary itself. I think this is also a feature of

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Hardy, James W. Van Dusen, Stevens T. Harris, Robert P..

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cholera ships would have to be detained a single hour,


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extensive exploration. This method of treatment has

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discovery to the necessities of Medical practice. Such a cleiim

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entirely went away; her extremities became cold, and her whole

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solution of iodine be added, the degree of starch conversion will

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careful attention in order that the obstetrician may be

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diameter of the pelvic straits ; the symmetry and size of

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""""^* ""''•■ ''""-^ i"^"'^'"- •' I'"i.' militate, .tnmulv atMin-t the pr„j,r,-

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otherwise in poor health. It sometimes "attacks adults.

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peer review sector); contract with or serve as a resource center

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symptoms. The traum itic fever did not reach a high

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or lanolin would prove soothing and antipyretic, at the same

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experience, the numbers are considerable, but the time of onset of the