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waters permitted. Tea and coffee are also forbidden.

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This liquid petrolatum is highly commended in the treatment of constipation. It has a

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and no difiiculty was experienced in performing this part of the operation without

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On the Pathology and Treatment of Albuminuria. By William

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they return with all their former vigour when the treatment is discon-

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ache, vertigo, shortness of breath, weakness of the legs, convulsions,

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fatigue following a drill at the manual of arms. On the meta-

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{London Hospital Reports, Vol. i., p. 254), it is stated that the stillborn

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(W. S.) Perforating ulcer. Brit. Guiana M. Ann , De-

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years, often weeks at a time. Her physician pronounced

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of these organs, or a double lesion of the heart and

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When hajmorrhage has not occurred before the case is

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never convulsive attack. In July, 1871, while out walking, after having

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same duration. Dr. Habershon, therefore, concluded that

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standing with feet together, grasp a bar immediately above his head,

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