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Hartford Hospital — Medical office condominium 652 sq.ft, at

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found to be the specific cause of acute rheumatism, though it must still

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NlPPLBd.^This new and useful instrument guards the nipple from all external pressure, and allows

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would really be that of a semi-decussation of the auditory nerves, since,

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the effect of which would be to place them entirely

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cient to pass within the stricture ; nor could he at first employ

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political Parties and the Chief Secretar}' for Ireland, and finally

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The examination, made in the presence of a large num-

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Results were as follows: (1) The Hansen variability

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luent alone were added — and I believe that this may be the only ad-

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gion, cauterization is more painful than in the ftirmer case, and

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were closed by continuous catgut and interrupted Leiiil)ert

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C. Use hot water douches with x / 2 teaspoonful of Sulphate of

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year of life and again from school age onward, but a

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The expectoration differs widely in different cases. It b sometimes abun-

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ing — reading, writing, arithmetic, geography, biology, astron-

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Misce, et divide in pil. x. Sumat ij. alternis noctibus, vel pro

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resembling in general respects those of acute poliomyelitis, but differing

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required, and for four days out of every seven a tonic

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assure her, without making an examination, that she

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At a discussion of the antitoxin treatment of diphtheria before the

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persistently anmioniacal urine. These are reasons for submitting

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termission. She has a feeling in the hack of the head and neck

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logical disturbances caused by it, it may be interesting

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entire disappearance of the local heat and sweating: previous convul-

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parasites that it seemed hardly credible that food could pass the ob-

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In case of simple hiccup, it may be arrested by stopping the breathing

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*^" The great object of this Association is to obtain Medical reform.

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with President Sara Jouett presiding. Discussion and action

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ig with tuberculous carcases are also liable to infection,

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proportion of the latter was notoriously too small ; but instead

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with it the most danger, I think these cases, although lim-

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1911. In April, 1911, an attack was brought on by a cold foot-bath; the

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stomach contains a further ferment which has the power of

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diphtheria combined, will be properly taken care of.

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chlorine has been placed in the same position. Here,

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death, and it is not at all certain that we are not in these

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affect almost every organ of the body. All of us know how dull our brains

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or *' tQx-albumins." Mr. E. H. Hankin, of Cambridge, has

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to believe that absolute alcohol is immediately fatal

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by the x^resence of subcontinuous fever, the blood contents are more

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