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But I fear those matters may appear too minute and possibly trifling

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ment of the radius can be felt with the finger. And upon relaxing

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glucose ascitic agar plates should at once be inoculated. The

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part of the neck and which was clearly a singlc cysted bronchocele of

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Centra Localization of the Sensory Tract. Herman H.

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The diseases connected with food group themselves under

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a dependence upon a fourth factor viz. the intensity of the infection

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and the tumors take on the retrograde changes described elsewhere as

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jections of morphine grain each which I gave him when

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degrees below. The frequency of these thaws determines whether the

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same points again. If for instance light proceed from A

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bly described in the words of the late Col. Dallas Bache.

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faeces are later passed in bed bed sores over the sacrum

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an interesting description of what would appear to be a new

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services quickly and effectively within the framework of requirements for

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hook shaped needle will be found most convenient for the pur

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the ships were in port to practice among the people on shore. When

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being excreted. Fleas and lice if constantly fed freely

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of the various epidemics of this disease that have swept over the

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simple explanation. Such a simple modus operandi would be at any

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English French and Chinese Rhubarb all of which are nearly

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If an examination be made per vaginam great pain is experienced

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of the operation was about the same as before the vomit

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the age of forty five years. They frequently die from catarrh of the

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vulsions or fatal pneumonia may very easily destroy life in twenty four hours.

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would be well for the champions of animals and Bands of

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cation with the external air as in the alimentary canal or lungs