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who described three cases of pyrexia of unknown origin which, at post-mortem,
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These cases are of the greatest interest ; but it is a pity that no
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and small ; breathing short and anxious. She was pale, but
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Trensui-ey : Charles .J. Hare, M.D. lloiiortini Serietaries :
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in removing epithelial ma/sses, and even fibrinous exudations, from the sur-
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Resolved, That this Society extend to the members of
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vagaries returned upon her, and she firmly believed that she had the
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noticeable in the morning or if the patient be fatigued, and it may disappear
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contained much white fibrous and reticular tissues.
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Some physicians may say: Well, we struggled ardently
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neuralgia. Strychnia may be given internally, or applied locally upon a
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the swelling was nodular, and evidently made up of a mass of
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air on the blood, and which was overlooked, was the true cause
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His mechanical genius showed itself in numerous instruments which bear his
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It is impossible to balance the ration by unrationed foods as there
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tions, 18 to 20 per minute. After division of one vagus, hoarse-
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amount one generally drinks in two months ; " then,**
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nutrition and blood change in the part, is subject to fatigue, and is
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ism of the food-products resulted in poisonous sub-
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was well-marked atrophy with sclerosis of the cerebellum, but no
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the bony partition between the internal and middle ear, but is
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connected with their contraction, whilst admitting that the
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been obtained by such tests and two significant conclusions have been
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geons with apparent satisfaction, but I cannot find a sufiicient number
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the president of the Association for the ensuing year. As a
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without first ascertaining the state of the kidneys
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what is bupropion xl 150 mg used for
" If the jury believe, from the evidence, that the plaintiff and defendant were
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Thursday. If it please God he escape his fit this night we may hope the