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This is in sharp and pleasing contrast to so many reports where the favor-

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held its semi-annual meeting in the Nelson House. The meeting was opened

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ing the larger ends for which we may strive from time to time

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rather due to a transient neuritis, secondary to auto-intoxication,

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sociation for January 14,' 191 1, Pusey of Chicago states his present

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Mr. T. A. Earl, son of Dr. George H. Earl, of Boston, was recently mar-

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pledge to pay his board, and as soon as I was through with him I let him go. I learned

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})rovisions of the Ontario Medical Act. He also signed an admission, a copy of which is

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in being covered by columnar epithelium; thus the outer mem-

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sleeping and over-active young animals, the best being made of

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rence after recurrence, but goes to the source of infection and

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house. He must get the consent of this Council to alter it before he can change a word. .

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fibres which he terms hypertrophy of compensation. That such

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over all, or this may be omitted. It is then dusted over with a

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ity, which serve to complete the picture of the disease."

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In indicating this role to the neurologist and alienist, he is

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of sexology. Such knowledge should not be imparted all at once, for

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quadrupeds from having hemorrhoids, and other varicosities

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subjects of professional study, shall be both written and oral, and fifty per cent, of tbe

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Council, after nomination by open vote and not by ballot ; that after nomination, when only

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(b) They must be trained in bacteriological laboratory work and

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especially if the patient gains access to medical literature.

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laboratory methods so many diseases leading to the grave as of

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obstacles met by the heads of large hospitals and how 1 they can be sur-

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have much to learn. They may be psychic, reflex or -toxic- In

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