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810 MISSOURI MEDICINE/December 1988 — Vol. 85, No. 12
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dangerous because of the time they occupy. We have given this impor-
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nor even what your name is. You are not organically
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forehead, affecting particularly the edge of the hairy scalp, and may
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in which bleeding occurs from the failure of the natural processes
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The boAvels acted freely soon after the operation, and the
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wi^^h its execution. It is expected that it will arrive in
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cholesterol education program is available through the
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only to recur in the following spring after the patient has once again
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less condition, and illegitimate pregnancy, I decided to
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tion from the duodenum to the adherent gall-bladder occasionaUy
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No other auscultatory phenomenon connected with heart or great
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developed. Two years ago there was an ulcerated surface over the internal condyle of
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do not seem to be as familiar as they should be with the use of these
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perature early in a case of enteric fever salicylic acid might be
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These difficulties, which he encountered on his path, the
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insists on the necessity of constantly associating names with objects.
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I may say that in selecting the kind of anaesthetic it is well
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structural defects in the A-V bundle. The heart-block that
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gradually and the precipitate collects in the lower end of the tube. It consists prin-
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experiments on the cadaver with various kinds of forceps and other con-
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impulse which led her to attempt some act of violence.
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cistern. More wells than either springs or cisterns are used and
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In order, however, to bring these various preparations into line
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of the metal, improves its tenacity and strength. The
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1985;145:1321-1323. 3. Sumiye L, Vivian AS, Frisof KB, et al: Potassium loss associated with
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])re])ared in certain special ways. A point of particu-
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(The word "surgeon" is evidently employed here in the
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too great rapidity of thought and excitement of the intellectual powers ; in
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forms of disease which I propose to bring now under your notice ;
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pletely after four to seven minutes, so that the injury is probably
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in Warsaw (published at St Petersburg 1889), Vol. I., English and Scotch
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ears and eyes, but to a much less degree than in animals killed by mechanical means, as when
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manner in which the inflammation of the cardiac valves is brought about
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and sleep could be obtained only in short naps at infrequent inter-
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regained its complete and independent mobility, shoulder
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course of an office visit, in predominantly rural areas,
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most sensitive portion, it may be carefully divided and the hgature
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child, she so much desired, and watched with so much care, are now, to
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economy; and this, not by over-stimulation, as was done by Dr. Todd, but simply
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removing a placenta while the circulation in it was
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herent placenta, the uterus be contracted firmly or in
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for a week, and strain the hquor. This prescription
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tumn. Dropfy, rickets, and madnefs, were, in fome inftances,