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The pulse usually is accelerated and hard at the beginning, but varies
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63. Cases and Deaths from all Causes, and Cases of, and Deaths
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thorough knowledge of the principles, and elements of the science
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that derived from their physical structure and properties, we have
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Subscriptions may begin at any date. The safest mode of re-
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As for the quantities and doses proved, we learn with accuracy
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^ The Composition nf the Urine, dc, hy Edmund A. Parkes, M. D., London, I860.
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acterized by lymphatic node enlargement, pains in the
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With opium, then, we may, in peritonitis, give calomel : } grain
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some of its efficiency doubtless to its germicidal influence.
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How then do we recognize the nature of such growths ?
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mens in the same way in which it is customarily performed
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paste with cold water, and stir it in boiled milk, let the
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tion of the points of the papillae, much less common, but if present associated
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lepers by health officers is under 150, while the true
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1 to 500 solution gave irregular results. Three experiments with the 1 to 1,000
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* Observations in India tend to show that this condition
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were constipated, a full cathartic was given, which responded on
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Stancill, Wm. W., Raleigh, Univ. Coll. of Med., Va., 1906 1906 1914
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while the mortality increases with each decade, reaching its
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dinarily limit motion but are extensible tissues when under
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383. — Wright (S. ) An experimental inquiry into the
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minute droplet of blood will appear, which after a few
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Aspirin. — Wohlgemuth {Therapeut. Monals., May, 1899)
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est form is septic diphtheria, the outcome of the simultaneous action of
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both sensitive and motor nerves to a greater degree
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also because it indicates so clearly the true remedy.
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ally suffices, as nearly all forms of epistaxis have their
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an inch of tube projecting into the sac and an inch into the vagina.
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somewhat trembling, the lips are compressed, and speech is slow, de-
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this direction. Further examinations on this point are lacking.
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