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are elements of at least equal importance in the calculation, facts which will


tuberculosis in the human. There may be tuberculous pneumonia

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adequate lesions; moreover. Sir A. Cooper, in operating for strangu-

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Renvers. Urobilin from Infarct of Lung, Deut. med. Woch., 1892, xviii, 254.

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animal considerable amounts of urobilin were constantly present

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rangements were made for the prosecution of the investigation, and

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tained. Ravenel showed that the bacilli did reach the lung. Even

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made by the editor, Professor J. Mulleh of Berlin, relating to the disposition of

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duck's egg. They are analogous in many respects to that of Corvisart,

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The injury resembled very exactly in appearance an abrasion of the skin of

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He gives the turpentine in large doses, from one ounce to two ounces and a half,

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we advance farther north, the prevalence of continued fever increases,

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months before admission. The appetite became poor, and he had lost

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In March, 1910 the patient was successfully operated on for an acute

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of salvarsan, a total of 1.8 grams, and six months' mixed treatment. This

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mences with a germinated pea, and extends, from gradation to gradation,

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which organs may be placed, and to their states of action and repose. In

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arrest of development, occurring in the scrofulous subject: and the statistics of

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older pathologists, that hectic fever is in every instance produc-

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axilla, groins, and spleen. April 7, leukocytes, 25,800; April 13,

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with a copious secretion of saliva, which causes his mouth to stream as if he

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Janew y. Amer. Jour. Med. Sci., 1903, N. S., cxxvi, 563.

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earlier ones are less complete in their information on some points

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ally got well. The muscles that were the seat of the disease in its most

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two forms of fever, yet the statistics of our troops prove, as a general rule,

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others notwitlistanding — I have learnt, is by no means a general at-

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of each month, as the high ratio of July is caused by epidemic cholera; but

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face. The respiration is soft, pure and expansive on the whole

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intoxication. This is of special interest, since we have demon-

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the hygiene and habits of the community. It is difficult for me

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movement. Crescents are small enough to pass endways through

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