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cidedly, and the liver enlarges considerably. But these cases also

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port, want to sit down or lie down. These attacks, during which the

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marasmus and dropsy.- Thus we see that an obstruction to circulation

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Principles and Practice of Medicine in University College Hospital, etc.

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amount of icterus, but a severe and extensive degeneration of the liver,

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and mediastinum more and more against the sound lung. The cyano-

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and even dangerous, although commanded by classical authority.

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senna or rhubarb to it. Another popular way of prescribing sulphur

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forming reticulated and villous masses. The surface of the heart ac-

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favorable position of the child. This goes to prove that the walls of

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artery was complete, while the external was uninjured, and

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ticularly to degeneration of the arterial walls, which is of inflammatory

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process of fermentation itself, which excites the symptoms of cholera

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gradually become loosened by a serous exudation which proceeds from

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generally sufficient for the most intractable cases of gonorrhoeal arthritis

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severe disturbances of innervation in cases where there is only a slight

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syphilis. In recent cases, the favorable action of mercurials is very

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case. Butter-milk suits many patients better than fresh milk. In

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together with many valuable and practical deductions regard-

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tolic murmur, another sound is heard, caused by the premature closure

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vein. Besides these forms, French* observed large clumps of pig-

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which time many new experiments and some successful cases

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ing public, is so plain that it (iommands interest at once as

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may have a simple valvular disease arising from acute rheumatism,

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is almost always obstinate constipation, and, in spite of the most pow-

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excentric hypertrophy that the effect of obstruction to the circulation,

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Arterial fluxion is rarely so decided as to cause rupture; besides the

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Deutsch. Gesellsch. f. Chir., (1886), 15, 105-112. — Demonstration von Impf-