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pressed belief even among professional men that catarrh
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was found to contain the bacillus but in small numbers.
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mittee was appointed by them to consider the subject but they
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great sciatic nerve in the thigh below the wound all
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Internally may be given gaUic acid acetate of lead per
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membrane. Bridges of granulation tissue lay between. A couple
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it to cover a greater area. The truss may now be replaced
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cipitate produced by the phosphotungstic acid with a consider
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aorta. This produces dilatation and hypertrophy of the ventricle
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there were nausea and slight elevation of temperature but sel
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in its attractiveness those which have preceded it and contains a
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terrupted the sutures were removed on the seventh day. She
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tangled in the precipitated casein. In the process of churning the
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The general principle of the law allowing the tuition of non
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also different but the Committee recommend that this matter should
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ing in his back. He was led to consider the possibility of disteuding
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not be concluded hastily that all the cases showing initial exanthems
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functions. When patients meet either of these sets of
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tion. of the By laws shall be construed tn give the Board of
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I. Wood on the Progressive Paralysis of the Insane. l S
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practice manifest a disposition to distrust prevail
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The animal was butchered and the shafts of the bones were
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duration and the patients less sensible and less reasonable after
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and ultimately produce the well known picture of chronic phthisis. At first