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shown a case of bilateral paralysis after operation on the thyroid gland.
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the solution of this problem further, but permit me to point
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tion, runs high, and the surrounding derma is of a bright
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useful. The carbonate or the subnitrate of bismuth is of great value in
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On June 18 there was presented to Doctor Victor C. Vaughan
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left in place for a long time, say 100 hours, will cause the tissues
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that the impulse does not reach the auricle or ventricle. Levine
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ated e.xtremity. The patient recovered. Microscopical
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The amount of opium taken daily in this case was not
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tion on women, for they are today supplying more surface to the square
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and piercing cries ; fullness of respiration, disturbance in the action of the heart — followed
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neral theory seems to be, that the irritation arising from local
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atlantic service. ,£120 senior surgeon. Is. 3d. a day
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post mortem, save congestion of various internal organs, small extravasa-
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five times its weight of water. It is recommended by Dr. H.
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Section 1436—2. llie fee for such examination shall be fixed by the
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Generally the abdomen is rigid and tender, especially in the
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which the physician observes for himself, and for a correct appreciation
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Presented to the Parliamentary Bills Committee of the
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odbvtej w koflcu lata 1888 r. [Rus.sian uiountaineera in
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majority of these I received prompt and courteous replies, giving me
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Dissection Hints and Visceral Anatomy. Detroit : The Illustrated
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However widely we may differ on matters of principle from
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vated by a segment group which is still more caudad.
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and the usual centrifugal extension of the morbid process beneath the crust
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Stuttg., 1892, xxii, 212-216.— 'Wiclierkiewicz (B.) Ein
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DIPHTHERIA. — Diphtheria is an acute communicable
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surgeon were frequently combined in the same individual, and
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procedure of the Metropolis scheme (cooling curve) is by adding a positive,
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times simple emollient, detersive, astringent, or tonic injections,
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impressions on the neck affords positive proof of homicide. One of these
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as we have seen, affect almost every cell in the body, the necrotic
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from beginning to end as a general practitioner ; and although for a
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the olfactory nerve, which, on the other hand, pro-
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out profusely into the duodenum. A specific irritation having been al-
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tate them for the proper performance of their function,
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Motions of Which Notice Has Been Given at a Previous Meeting.
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rienced, partial numbness, disagreeable noises in the ears and a
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drops of laudanum in one ounce and a half of starch water may be thrown into
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