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and in specific cases the attacks are usually "quasi-periodical'', and
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These considerations will make it easier to understand the causes of
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of the invaders. Not a few of these refugees brought with
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forms the hair follicles. Simple catarrhal vulvitis occurs most often
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" ]. The inoculated part may become affected with the
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here in the reduction of long-standing cases of inverted uterus. Nothing
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The Nervous Affections that may Arise from Malaria. By
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403-405. ^iio. Keprint — Bourgeois (A.) Bl^jjharo-
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pose. When the importance of the subject to be taught is so great, it
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Saint Paul, and then took graduate training in surgery
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Add the cream and milk together and boil, then pour into
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the Contagious Diseases Act of 1866, which at present applies
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itself over the split or broken bone: then over that a little linen charged with the
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Newton, on U-ctif'ic.ition of Al)nonnal Fu'tal Posi-
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She had had an attack of acute rheumatism about three years before, compli-
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covered. I challenge on this point the most careful scrutiny, commencing with
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exposures and venereal ulcers with several exposures of half
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essential (except there be pure active hysteria with plethora,
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daily in sea-water, was allowed to partake freely of nourishing food, though for
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Use it this winter and save your pneumonia and croup
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tion of the 26 cases is that we must consider the double atrophy
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read}' obtained, there yet remained much, very much, to
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There is very little cyanosis of the limbs and no vaso-
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with the fourth ventricle of the brain : also called
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them as an aid to diagnosis. The wheal itself is a solid, softish or firm,
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Vernarbungsstadium. Allg. Wien. med. Ztg., 1889, xxxiv,
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coloripes Stal, which is locally known as ' ochindundu,' in the act of sucking
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detached particles may form infarctions in the lungs ; usually, however,
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upon by the majority of the profession and the public. Even
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those in which the uterus is the seat of advanced cancer. When
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ance when cut, from a number of minute granulations scattered throughout. All the
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the time, either to discuss their research or their
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Canada is as important as that at our own seaports,
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these visual word-centres would be in relation by other associational
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slough, and is often unattended by any catarrhal inflammation of the small intes-
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family history throws no light on the aetiology, and no clue is gained from the
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bacilli are found most abundantly in the superficial portions
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be apprised of it^ in case either event occur. We see, then, that, in
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Injections were given regularly twice a week, with a few excep-
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pains appeared, which were instantly relieved by twenty grains of sulphate of
coils of intestine or the abdominal and pelvic walls. Minute perforations
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feeling in the epigastrium. If recovery occurs, the reaction is apt to
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It can be asked if it is advisable for doctors to take an