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ble of gas would appear in the jar, and the lights went out. This

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enable him to furnish unbiased observations of the greatest value and to

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Winirrwl. The ^\h!c hnc or rida^^ which was mentioneil yride Clinical History)

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taste for food, with thirst, and scanty urine. Disturbance of the

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" My conclusions drawn from the use of antitoxin are these: The

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its truth, — I say the American idea has been that the fkysi-

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cuspid valves were damaged by Kleb's valvulotome. The

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Lymphoid and plasma cell infiltration of the vessel wall is rarely met with ;

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times at sessions held near the centers of membership.

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honorable men. Our Norwich memorialists wished to strike at the

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In the absence of Dr. Pepper, his paper, entitled " A Contribution to

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the Methodist Episcopal Hospital; Consulting Physician,

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in this way. He went to the business men who carried an advertise-

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placing it immediately between a slide and covering glass,

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hyoid it is attached to that bone also. (2) A middle layer (the pretracheal fascia),

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The impulsive, irresistible demand for the narcotism of

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being in this way removed. The cavity is then packed with gauze for

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opening to enlarge progressively. In the latter case the patient's condition

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upon April 14th, and had then been troubled for about

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improvement taking place in other symptoms. The defervescence is some-

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conjugation, while such of them as are capable of conjugation {i.e.

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viously treated with albumose do not show an increased susceptibility to

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named Dr. Pownall. This patient had suffered from repeated

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stimulus to the study of the relations between the diseases of

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is one of the most esteemed Parisian physicians; few of his

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juniper, savine and benzoin, when taken by mistake in greater