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sion was followed in to hours by a leucocytosis. usually a
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Berkman SA Lee ML Gale RP Clinical uses of intravenous
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ical laboratory is devoted exclusively to the fourth year
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the tendency to flooding much less than wlien the drug
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Wyeth MiRLBORorGH C Captain and Assistant Surgeon. The exten
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The urine is purulent and contains particles of caseous material.
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catheter well greased with carbolized oil may be suf
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terly ignored by medical men given over to the clergy
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ember gave the following percentages of infected individuals.
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of pancreatic parenchyma were removed and the blood supply to the remainder
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consistence of mastic. In its most superficial part there was hollowed out
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practice pure tincture of iodine applied at the commencement
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there had been no concealment of pregnancy. The only i.f mortem
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organs. A frequent cause of amenorrhoea is neglect of proper hygiene
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that under such circumstances full protection to the
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position and character of the cardiac impulse and the tone of the heart
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Applications which are not received in time for this examina
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or less liable to either infection. These morbid states are congenital
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enough to receive the graft. If a fragment of live bone lies between
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cervix. In more than one case his principal reason for
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products obtained from a single body the false and superstitious no
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strative results were obtained though the author remarks in some
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that would be likely to produce such results. Here cause
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healthy flocks preventing the disease or reducing the
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ing conclusions are presented i Patients with limbs so
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is first affected while in tetany it begins in the extremities.
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seemed as if carved out of wood. The underlying mus
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Ordinary sulfur is a lemon yellow odorless nearly tasteless brittle
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became remarkably large and at their lower extremities just above the
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final destination was of much greater value than its cost in money.
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such parts on being minutely examined presenting the usual
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or they become separated by the effusion of serum and a kind of
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lages or synovial doublings are introduced and is kept constantly bathed in
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diarrhoea and paralysis of the heart. Dogs had choreic symp
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falx the membrane that separates the hemispheres partakes of the
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necessarily included in the scar and the man is nearly as
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remedies in the form of powder. An excellent gargle may be prepared