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and inflamed throughout. Minute foci of pus were scattered

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cancriamoeba;, fragments of epithelial cells, and leu-

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the blood, after a year or longer it ceased to appear

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ence generally in a very limited degree. The facts seem to show that this

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We have learned from our studies of brain function that in the

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further the efforts of the Government was shown, and

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enjoined, and the diet receive suitable attention. (See indigestion.)

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examples of the disease the limitation of the range of extension at the metatarso-

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[Read before the Massachusetts Homceopathic Medical Society?^

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Anglicana (A.D. 449 — 1298). Edited by H. R. Luard, M.A.,

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can frequently ascertain the relation which the albuminuria bears to vary-

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series of discoveries which finally have proven that electricity is an impor-

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and the trachea had the brownish-red colour of putrefaction, while

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branches are sufficiently large to admit of a collateral circula-

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