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i. Congenital. On post mortem examination of infants and young
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mine into the condition of the tefcticle and spermatic
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cate it. It was not of the brain substance at all but
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ceased with the exception of an occasional isolated case
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enlightened views of the civilized world with regard to the con
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Demonstrator of Anatomy in the Medical College of Georgia.
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and an abscess of the Hver Graves the oesophagus Chambers or a cavity
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by Schuster did the patient survive more than twenty
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Wilson who advocates intervention in cases of general infection
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surgeon should be as sterile as those of the general surgeon.
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creta so as to be enabled to introduce the necessary changes
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rions and Results following Internal Urethrotomy upon
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of predilection for fecundation. This may be a season or
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tiated with certainty by means of microscopical demonstration
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THE BROWN PHARMACEUTICAL CO. INC. West th Street Los Angeles California
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want of cardiac power but to improper or badly co ordinated nervous
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not permit me to subscribe to the statement that they are useless
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tion they came to recognize the value of the printed
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At the recent meeting of the American Medical Association in
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ancholia and so on up to the very border land of in
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pure myxoedema myxcedema associated with congenital or sporadic
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Frcparafion. Prepare a tincture from the fresh plant when
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quite as senseless to reward or punish the lecturer for cir
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mistaken conceptions of the observers who so designated the
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Abscess of the jaws associated with impacted teeth.
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Of greatest interest and importance are of course those
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ies of the diagnostic symptoms by which lesions of the brain
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president and also of the Ontario Medical Association. In
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