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months after the first operation; and, in some respects, she is better than

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estimated cost of £360,000. Each ward, for 28 beds, is 120 feet long, 28 feet

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result either of granular inflammation of the cervical canal, excoria-

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"I know very well we may have menorrhagia from mere debility, from super-

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mentation — constitutes the 'attack']. If food be

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operation is quite experimental ; but there is full justifi-

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A doctor ma}' spend his money like water, but that is no sign that he gets it from the " well."

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out pigmentation. One had tuberculous nodules in the

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of the affected eye; the images formed in the two eyes are mentally referred f'-

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per cent, solution of phenolphthalein and 15 to 20 gm. of powdered

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ciated with the broader question of sugar formation from proteids. But

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The drops cavlsq great pain, with conjunctival injection, which may

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at first cartilaginous, in the points not invaded by the suppuration, while even in

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cous membrane and tongue was absent, Imt ulcers of the

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aut diirclcurit, et fcirrhus lupervenit. Ut igitur ea mala evitcntur,

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essay by the author, if it is possible for him to attend.

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10. Dr. Malartic established the following conclusions: Anal-

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three of the dorsal vertebras quite tender to the touchy and

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ing the deformity ; the limb will i)e of little use unkss

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the difference even when a mistake has been made. It is a violent

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physiology and the office of physician to the college.

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cases, for the reasons mentioned, one is often utterly

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been there for some time, should be possessed of comparatively

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of patients requiring the use of the bronchoscope would prevent

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but disappeared without any subjective symptoms. About four weeks before coming

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who has praftifed fome time in India, and by Dr De Carro of

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ering will be required to prevent the dressing from becommg dry,

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and mother, nor any other physical obstacle to delivery in the genital

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they are adulterated or injurious to the public health. The

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regarded as a difficulty by some later writers. But, as we have seen, the

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current when very rapidly interrupted, — i.e., up to eight or ten

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hundred dollars. Situated in the midst of beautiful natural scenery, it seemed

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