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Tartar, or salivary calculus, may be detected on the teeth,
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been noted that stimulation of this kind will alter
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Under “Interpretations’’ appears the following
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furnished a great number of like facts. Thence re-vaccination
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tory and x-ray services to the extent that the hospi-
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foot, the original entrance of the nail was found in an irritable condition,
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fore we contend that uidess the physician manifest gross ig-
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A private sanitarium established 1886 specializing in NERVOUS and MENTAL diseases.
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audience with an intense interest, he must be heard, to be
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Ms. Jones states, “And too it seems to me that our
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jections directly into the tumor masses. It is hoped
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tracted to it by a noise, and, on going to the cradle, she fouu'l her iofknt
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the face — and the vesicular character of varicella, from the
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of their being no crowd of visitors. I particularly recommend, as a sur-
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a plea of irresponsibility, it would, like charity, cover the multitude of
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every uterine contraction, until the child was delivered. The
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gram on large-screen, closed-circuit television. It
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of Aminophyllin (Searle) in these conditions appears
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Dr. Gunu, of Detroit, from Committee on Credentials, reported the
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the uterine and pelvic organs. In most instances, after the first sensa-
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ure or severe coronary insufficiency should not fly.
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noticed or entirely omitted ; the young practitioner com-
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better advantage than aj)pears possible at present.
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embraces a description of the implements, if such a term be
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March 18, 1744/5 (Colden Letters and Papers, vol. 3, pp.
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as well as six of the branches and the central auxiliary
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Adrian Ostfelt, research fellow in medicine at Cor-
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banks emitting foul effluvia to assail our nostrils
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Connecticut, David Harrison ; New York, William Rockwell ; New Jer-
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Dr. J. T. Gregory : I wish to offer the resolution :
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chloroform to any part or surface that was wished to be a£fected.
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ted. Nor do I believe that the removal of retained clots by injecUons
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Pitman-Moore Company, Div. of Allied Labs., Inc.. .
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with some 500 authors, and the figure becomes truh'