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In a notable discussion on " Cholera and Quarantine,"

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(1) Malignant Disease of the Cecum; (2) Malignancy of the Sigmoid

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by Cobbett. The name and works of this man are now nearly stranded

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spinal accessory nerve. The immediate effect of the

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Minneapolis, M. J. O. Laug'hlin, Dr. J. C. Adams and R. D.

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muscular prostration resulting from infection with Pfeiffer's

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abundant " comedones " upon the face. Why some persons never suffer

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Papers by Dr. Mack and Dr. Kinsley related to the same

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Features that these two entities have in common include

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pertussis, with chief localization in the meninges;

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this knowledge has not yet afforded the means of averting the

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The red flesh is rarely torn in life and never by volun-

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is not uncommon from fracture or dislocation of the atlas and axis, as in

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sider the author fully justified in his anticipations of the importance