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Under the same condition of mechanical impediment, we oftener

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Case 1, B. proteus vulgaris ; Case 2, B. proteus vulgaris ;

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of plate-like cells containing minute crystals : to

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with which the poorer class of the white population have to

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preceding the use of the present fashionable and excessively

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that these are generally instances of enteric feA^er complicated by cerebral

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instituted, and the disease disappeared in a short lime.

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desire you to remember that in the operation of sym-

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Urological Association to be held at the Hotel William Penn, Pittsburgh, May 6-9, 1957.

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into the atmosphere, it is reasonable to think that it will prove

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ceding disease. This may occur during any part of the period

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mass, or prismatic crystals, having, particularly when damp,

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Unguentum Potassii lodidi (13 per cent.) (U. S. P.)

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elimination through skin, intestinal canal, and kidneys.-

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carrier; the second, 2; the third, 2. and the fourth, 4. After each

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which, together with a dry cough (tussis hepatica), the fever, evening

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wonder is that plague is not always there. As it is, the

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in Hysteria. been recognized, but it is only very re-

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herself well until about four years ago, when she began

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It is not leprosy, because of the absence of nodules, infiltration,

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cells from one another ; c. to show the transition from the ordi-

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[)ani5itic organisms are destroyed at* such temperatures as may be produced

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been collected by numerous observers and inquirers ; but it is

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false ones, so that they have no protection from unprincipled

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position during the examination, with the limbs drawn up, breathing regularly,

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1st December. — She has been seen daily ; and as yesterday she

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is associated with heavy responsibilities and attended with care, suspense

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'* FrimUsement hydatidique I did not succeed in discovering in

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very large blepharoplast. Dividing forms are never seen in the blood.

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Samuel Arlington Lambert, of Ironton, aged 24 years, after

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extrusion of the daily dole of carbon, but as a definite ex-

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ciently after having washed them. As a rule, the red blush produced by

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chronic inflammation of the knee-joint for six years.

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druggist, in filling prescriptions, either disregarded the wishes

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the lesion was also mitral, but associated with concomitant aortic

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digestion. To give it nothing to do, we starve the per-

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surface of the sacrum lies opposite to the left ilio-pecti-

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census Averni — and this gastroptosis, as we call

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bone, and exposed the bone freely on each side. The bone was

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of the present laws. My views may be wrong in some par-

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removal of disorders and to the promotion of mental

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of growth with special luxuriance at the point of inocula-