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of the auricular fibers changes its contour. These facts have been
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his belief that he was only giving utterance to a largely acknowl
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through other channels than the digestive tract This was an
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unaccompanied by any febrile movement and the patient continues in
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household. At the termination of the i solation period the disin
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dence between the Secretary of the Catholic Univer
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Distinction must be made between the protoplasm in
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culosis where this does not enter the body no tuberculosis can be
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compression and are arranged in small masses or lumps thus forming
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resentative of the veterinary profession on the same whose
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loss of its serum. Speaking figuratively serum was the essen
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The exact distribution of symptoms gives us more accurate data for if
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since they possess all the characteristics of blood globule. I
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and the free end depressed to allow some of the stomach
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find definite objective symptoms generally confined to irritation
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named authority observed absolutely no result from its administration
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Brotherston Peter Esq. Provincial Surgery in Scotland illustrated
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various methods of treating indolent ulcers as follows
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whether the pulp in the affected tooth is alive or dead.
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that the formation of this coalition be pursued with vigor as
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confidence the patient expressed herself of that the doctors could cure
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Drugs such as chloral belladonna physostigma and nux vomica
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but the tensor tympani ligament or the mucous membrane of the tympanum
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solids and sometimes not even liquids occasionally
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same solution was advised. The result was not satisfactory and in
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The spleen undergoes enlargement in the acute febrile infections.
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habit too strongly often dwarfing greater evils by un
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vailed can fairly be taken as representing deaths resulting from the
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substance of the cord is also aflected. In the first case also plasma
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sis and perhaps acne frontalis tuberculosis and some others.
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ing with children to whom the tannate of quinine may be given in
The act of distinguishing different objects is a purely intellectual function
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lying on his side owing probably to a paralysis of one side of
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septic employed should be applied with a syringe. The
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been adopted by the same county. He is empowered to investigate
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all travel and mail communications for three weeks or thereabout.
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Gille Brussels. Communications announced. Parasitic affections of the
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ary lesion may occur in any portion of the lung. The le
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from onset of second attack. The death certificate was signed
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into urea but into uric or lithic acid a comparatively insoluble
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the chest remained affected with dyspnoea and difficulty of
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looked. When headache occurs in young or middle aged people