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perature rose to 100.6° F. the night after the operation,
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fluence of the latter, it is related of Mr. Fox, that "when in
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On December 5 the urine was examined chemically, quantita-
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lasted for two months before the tetanus entirely dis-
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ILLUSTRATIONS: Satisfactory photographs or drawings should be supplied by the author. Each illustration, table, etc.,
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in tone and four of these also started to contract. The 1 to 1,000 solu-
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well my sentiments on the subject ; and I feel confi-
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the greater the possibility for psychologic findings as
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and that the subsequent postmortem examination showed a
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ing embolism producing the unilateral convulsions, and finally hemiplegia;
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the acute symptoms subside. The diet is of the greatest
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day ; he rushes back to his office, crushing the natural in-
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under his first class Pyrexiaj. Others consider this pyrectic character
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membrane is flrst dry, and tumid, and irritable; the uneasy sen-
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not be practised together, but alternately. If oliguria
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Wotol., May, June, 1894) defines the term " aural reflexes,"
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to the moral disintegration attendant upon indisposi-
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