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finger carrying with it the uterus. Being now satisfied that what
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factor can only be found in some such a micro organism as the
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Cimicifuga Racemosa. In two cases of a chronic cough of a peculiar
eral tuberculosis is not so uncommon as one is led to
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three or four lectures a week and likewise in the clinical branches
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slightest sensitiveness of the affected spinal portion was evinced by
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at the site of removal and grew very slowly. Twenty days after
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not bear bleeding as formerly. The opinion of those
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This has been efl ected by touching them with caustic potassa and the
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profession to require an introduction at our hands.
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lectures at the Royal College of Surgeons during mentioned
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pass from the womb into the umbilical vessels. Then Dr Mon
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Otker affections The breast lastly is snbject to a peculiar
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the muscular fibres of which were found beneath the microscope to
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versed in the technicalities of medicine and medical jurisprudence.
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account of the progress of the case described in the above
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portion of it having passed into the windpipe he falls a
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Symptoms. Renal cancer often remains unrecognized during life
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to himself. These are important and should be followed up. What
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pointed to teach them to assist guide advise and encourage them
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His description of the heart leaves little to be desired
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diffuse brownish pigmentation of the skin and punctiform hemorrhages
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Curve showing effect on the erytlirocytes of cantharides poisoning.
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many similar cases obtained his commission in July he
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moderate use is anything worse than a harmless luxury. To
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count for the unusual prevalence of this disease. In winter
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sufficiently long periods when care is exercised in
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remains unquestioned. It is certain that this change of age
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demonstrated. Sometimes the diagnosis is greatly simplified by the
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tention to the fact that both virginal and senile endome
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the liver area and of the spinal muscles behind. Fluctua
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of which were pretty acute but that under treatment the discharge
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the bowels are costive sensation both general and tac
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upon facts and observations interpreted in accordance
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possible that a ruptured vessel in the pampiniform plexus
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