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rheumatism. There have been hundreds of these cases treated for
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blood-vessals were found to be degenerated, having undergone fatty degeneration. It is pos-
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germ of scarlet fever. He stated that in the skin of 4 patients
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Transactions of the Sections: Programs, and Abstracts from the Section
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being injected subcutaneously, produces ulceration of the
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on male genito urinary diseases, (irofessors of s-urgery in
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while any laryngeal trouble is nursed as " bronchitis." Frequently the
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It is necessary here to state that the remarks of Mr.
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system, probably mesoblastic in origin and now closely associated with
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fitted to the thigh and extending to the upper margin
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micro-organisms are B. coli, B. typhosus, and staphylococci. Orchitis
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object of suggesting the best means of checking the
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festations. At such a time, however, firm percussion over the diseased
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Friends, in Germantown, at a cost of ?300,000. Among other
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Tio "case " was asked for by the plaintiff's attorney, the deci-
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at least two years ; 2, peritonitis of any degree is to be
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and a more careful study of cases of disease in these
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days. Second injection into each thigh of 0.0004 c.c. toxin. Next day tetanus
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refuse operation when it is proposed. Leaving out these exceptional
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Fergusson propose division of the peroneus longus as a
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totle from the original text. Then, upon his return home
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see or examine any of the alleged cases at all, by ex-
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states that in primary pohdipsia the blood is of normal concentration,
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Wormser (14)] have obtained negative results in repeating Liep-
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with chronic catarrh, or new growth affecting the nasal mucous mem-
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heaviest labor. A suitable case presenting itself, I pro-
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‘‘Acceptance for mailing at special rate of postage provided for in Section 1103, Act of October 3, 1917.
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audible only in the neighborhood of the heart. It is also conceivable that even in
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eczema of the scalp from seborrha^a, when a history of i)revious mois-
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The subject might very well be divided into two parts, one
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coils, it seems evident that he must have taken his
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tions of chronic articular osteitis. Dr. Gibney adopts the com-
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cause increased. But murmurs do by no means always require for the
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perhaps, in the hands of the most expert operator. But on the other
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authorities, such as HiHiet and JSartheZy has never come much into use,
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Lyte's translation of Dodoens, was printed abroad. But a number of
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erroneously prescribed, when the case has run into phrenitis of ordinary
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new, and German pathologists were just beginning to