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dation of lymph on the pleuritic surface over the affected lobe or lobes.

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nine, &c. — ^seem utterly unable to cope with

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or later, with the aid of some of the means which have been indicated, the

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A full descriptive treatise (52 pages) on Chloralamid-Schering will be mailed to physicians on request.

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Profession at large with confidence, as powd ers which are

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sidered by surgical writers, entering, as they do, much more largely into

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small an amount. Ansemia, coexisting with trivial lesions, may occasion

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the circulation, and produces its e&cts so suddenly as to give

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form, the fibroid structure is disposed in such a manner as to leave small

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membranous croup, and presented a preparation of the parts

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what they have effected? In the first place, then, they satisfied the

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too feeble to propel the blood with sufficient momentum to be felt at the

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pands into a small funnel or trumpet-shaped opening, which,

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Jucus Marina ELIMINATES the Malarial CAUSE; and thus

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complete expansion of the lungs had not taken place. Jn the latter cases

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nation of the stools, the worms are seen, in greater or less numbers,

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blood, but to deep congestion. These nodules, when situated near the sur-

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of the causation will account for the efficacy of disinfecting agencies and

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treatment, therefore, need not be repeated, until the discharge of fragments

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not from the extent or degree of the inflammation, nor from the lesions

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palliation of symptoms. A diet, bland and nutritious, consisting of the

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"Was this tumor malignant, or would it have become so if

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An explanation of the mode of production has been advocated b}^ Dr.

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tions may consist wholly of blood, or the blood is mixed with fecal matter.

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After his marriage, Dr. Grant visited his native place twice,

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to be any causative influences pertaining to constitution, season, climate,

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The autopgy was made by the curator, with the assistance of

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the situation of the affected mucous membrane. On the other hand, it may

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side and arm ; there is but little in the hand. Continue potass,

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each to be more or less involved, it is evident that to account for an in-

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Discharge from the Body in the form of Stercorln." by Austin Flint, Jr., M.D.,

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case extending over the whole lung, or confined to one lobe.

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Fees: Matriculation $5.00. First and second years, eack'

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obstruction of respirafion caused by these, doubtless, was the immediate