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•warm bran to the paralyzed limb, was astonislied to find, on touching it with
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has been already fully illustrated. The following remark, made by Surgeon
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acid chemical agent, acting upon the blood 5 and is confined to those
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occurs late in the disease, has suggested that possibly a secondary
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urine. Applied leeches over the region of the right kidney, frictions to the
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is gastritis; Barkhausen, that "where the limits are to be drawn in these
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laires de l'hypophyse, comme cela se voit dans les hypophyses chez lea myxoede-
cardura xl 4 mg tablet
and October, together with an increased mortality from the ordinary forms of
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39. Ophthalmia cured by the Extraction of a Tooth. — Dr. Pi.acido Portal has
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the partial conversion of the skin and subcutaneous cellular tissue into adipocire.*
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intermitting fever; and this deduction is corroborated by the fact, that as we
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water. After the silk reaches the stomach the normal peristalsis
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fectly regenerated than is usual from burns produced by ordinary means, and
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well authenticated facts; and it repudiates all vague and diffuse reasoning,
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changes which occur in the fluids are daily arresting more and more the atten-
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expiration of ten or twelve days the diffuse opalescence of the
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or that the fluid must have been contained in a cyst, that has never been dis-
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convergence, but also spontaneously during the excitement of interesting
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None of these 1002 cases suffered from collapse or died.
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tip and malar puffiness should be present in this disease. Such was
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its longitudinal fifteen lines. Having continued the perpendicular
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and the blood-vessels and bronchi, which were before impermeable, permit an
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years,) before it produces very great contraction, and arising, (as in this
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cells stain uniformly in eosin, they are swollen, the nuclei are lost. There
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the operation is to be performed on one who has died suddenly. In this last
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In the one fatal case among those well treated, the serum had
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Mitchell, and Jackson; all practised writers, and of whom it may be sufficient to
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by another; the disease lasted, altogether, three months, was accompanied
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graphic illustrations, faithfully executed, of the several forms of lesions described
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below costal border, with tension of the abdominal walls in this region
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tients labouring under variocele, by simply passing a needle and thread through
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How then is the discrepancy explained? We have devoted no
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pains; proceeded to an examination; ascertained that there was considerable
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rods and evidently branching filaments. The organism was Gram-
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work, of an angry vehemence of temper not easily reconcilable with his
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through the day, a solution of the nitrate of silver, two grains to the
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serious symptoms of scurvy disappear upon the administration of a
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than the sound side. This fact could have only one interpretation
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in regard to the particular character of the diseases which they de-
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well as the total fatal accidents that the extensive records of the
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able to a lesion of both sides. With respect to the simultaneous double effusion,