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and boasting, he would have been a remarkable character
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Bemerkiingen ziir MiciaiiiH (fi)htliidTiii(|iic. Hcrl. klin,
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recent investigations seem to show that the hepatic lesions, which
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do with public vaccination knows that they have other and
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they were carried to the river and there emptied. There were
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thrown back towards the sacrum ;" constituting a considera-
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by the wiping process until it adhered as a hard coating,
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majority of cases come during the second stage and third
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lar ; pulse 78, soft and tolerably full ; no congestion of face. I immediately
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pushed to its toxic effects did not relieve pain. The cataphoric
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the circumstances of the disease had rendered it probable
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fore be advisable to resort to trephining in certain isolated cases in
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groimd to believe that congestion is an essential element. All that can
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parts of the pharynx with common sensation, and is in direct relation
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may be required to give practical laboratory instruction in
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claustrum and convolutions of the island of Eeil, which lie below and to the
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reasons for not registering, and the six (21%) with patients
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than those produced by contractions of the cicatrices left after
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kept in the dark at 32° C, until it assumes a golden-brown colour. It
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well recognized by those who deal closely and often with
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diagnosticated by the foregoing symptoms, and by the ex-
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that the intensity of the odor varied indirectly with the
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than they had been for years, and tli6 months of March April and
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the color of the bone marrow changes from the normal yellow to red or
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his experience in the internal use of this drug : he has care-
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vomiting of blood which may occur in this disease. In health the
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March last, swallowed, believing it to be rum, about two oz. of wine of
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tremities are weak, and his gait shuffling; the circulation is very languid, as
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two incandescent lamps against each other, both burning
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etiology of such cases, it is impossible, in the present state of
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in an apparently normal condition. On the evening of the
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amination fees. The committee is a strong one made up of the President,
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Glycosuria is not uncommon in stout persons after middle life,
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The intervals at which the doses are to be taken, should
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median line towards the left side, so that the base of the tumor
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