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H. Hastings, M.D.— Oxygen gas is one of the recognised remedies for

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bone and temporal fossa." " Intelligence perfect " until after three

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treatment. Kiister mentions four favorable factors in the prognosis, the pos-

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tried by Cunningham (1898) and Buchanan (1899), is not at all promising,

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ring very early after the labor, in which on bimanual

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time, he finds red points arranged in long oval groups on the painful

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send an impression to the brain, though unfortunately I cannot say whether

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several minutes after birth in some of the children recorded as "dead born,"

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they reached a port, but before reaching port 7 cases of

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tions will be performed under the supervision of the Professor.

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present in small numbers. Bits of renal tissue, although very rare, are

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ochen, with irritable bowels, from the skin to the intestinal canal, and so on. In considering the laws of equilib-

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care in the Middlesex Hospital several years ago. A vapor, or

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Block's investigations extended over fifty-one dif-

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other members of the family affected ''with the same disease. There

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phate. To the second add silver nitrate ; the curdy precipitate contains the

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Siberia by some authorities and in Persia by others. At any rate, it is

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creased temperature and redness on the affected side

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thing. As we have already seen, it is not proi)ortioned to any of the phe-

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are liberated by the juices of the duodenum, and become actively motile

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Of the protein element well over 60 per cent, is derived from

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inertia. In dissecting off the placenta, it was advisable to

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were pain and tenderness. Then the vein would feel as if

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any authenticated instance occurred of Congenital Goitre, although

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chyle-vessels. This condition is called chylous ascites (Hydrops chylosus).

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the payment of the fee for such license or certificate.

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same family, and found my late patient sitting in bed, free from

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and mucous as is the case in younger patients. After an

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the cancer, but not enough to destroy the patient. A number of

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tion. As a primary aft'ection it occurs especially in persons addicted to in-

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