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The vacuity which remained, and which was large, from three of the

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by gravitation of the blood to the most dependent parts ;

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while in all there must be a similarity of treatment

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" ' And they did fight with queasiness, constrained.

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It was the general opinion that no remedies would be

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and deep, excavated, sinuous sores were produced, which

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if introduced from the dige-tive organs of one person

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modem Greek fire, but a solution of soap leys or soda puts it

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acid solution. Dr. Tait instituted as a routine practice

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(G) The vertigo is always in the direction opposite to the endo-

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negative pole being inserted into the substance of the tumor, while a large

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higher, 10.3 % ; in these wards patients were known to harbor a morpho-

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The meeting was considered very harmonious, as there was

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the breathing has been effectually relieved by venesection ; the

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tion results, with, not infrequently, considerable headache and

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so much fluid, the waste of tissue produced by a high temperature,

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made to hypertrophied turbinated body, inferior left, 5

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pasture it was noticed that it would eat nothing but AragaUua lam-

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products, but, as shown by Legendre and Bailly, the air-cells involved may be

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then it spread as it had in the other class. This seems to me to be

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to bring on the convulsive fits, and are most earnestly deprecated

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sixty beds and fifteen bassinets, was approved during

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The latter event is made apparent by the experiments of numerous

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it descends in front of the internal carotid artery, "and arches on

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experimental drugs but with no hope for cure; they were more strictly

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in Southern China, Tonkin, Malay Peninsula, and Java. Lately

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active cavities and infiltrations with suppurative expec

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by ballot was adjourned to the next meeting. Matters con-

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striking, inflicting serious wounds of soft tissues

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None of Mr. Tait's enemies in the profession — and they are numerous —

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many terribly mischievous expressions of human ignorance,

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to keep the water at the required temperature. It is best to start the

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aspirations of our youthful students ? Are our medical schools

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On the 15th of April, ^I. de Perthes discovered in a layer of yellow

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ventricle) caused total blindness of the right eye lasting for about a week,