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fifty deaths having taken place in the past four weeks.
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the subsequent production of pain or material inconvenience to the
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fection. Sanitation is an essential part of medical
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the nitrogen taken in food, as I certainly find some difficulty
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blood in 30 per cent, of fourteen cases. Others have been less fortunate,
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was a large swelling involving the whole of the posterior
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wealth of time to dwell upon them, and her progress is compar-
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A review of the history of hygienic improvements shows that all
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and the folds of the sigmoid flexure. The pelvic cavity was
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inges ; by way of the lachrymal canals to the eyes ; by the
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drawn by venesection as compared with leeching. That blood-
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experiments that rice which contains 0.4 per cent, or more of
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has had his head enveloped by bandages is truly enjoy-
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ical Journal, Jan 16, 1886, Dr. Landon Carter Gray; in the
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ter on passive anaphylaxis. If it were a passive anaphylaxis, it ought to appear
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the particular bacteria producing the immunity. We can produce
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considerable digestion of protein may take place from the action of HCl
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Temperature, pulse and respiration were normal on September 8.
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(iv.) If in the face, the lesion is situated in the lower third of the
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acted not for the soul's sake, but to preserve the peace and even
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his appointment caused general satisfaction, giving rise to
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There are other modes of albuminous degeneration not yet de-
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N. B. Subscriptions received at Dr. Fbedzhick Plummeil's Thomsonian Infirmary,
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fluid being kept in position by a rubber membrane at each
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dulness to within an inch of inferior angle of scapula, and
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elected for the ensuing year are : President, William Harvey King, M.D., of New
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sary, for their very appearance was typical of ter-
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of the latter examination is not distinctive, for arsenic is not constantly
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much in the day as he can bear without vomiting or nausea, which I