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cocain. Anesthesia is pronounced and more prolonged than from cocain or

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highest reputation as our readers will recognize by the following

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to adopt principles and a practice which had not been sanctioned

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Manson and Bancroft had proved by observation and experiment the presence

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bleeding and hot water both in abundance. I have nothing

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lesions of the recurrent nerve and the production of glaucoma after

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Dr. Posey recalled a case of double and complete ectropion of

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sions in the patients who were treated to aplasia with

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principle basis in classifying leukemias into acute and chronic con

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but here too its frequency varies greatly with different epidemics.

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ical sign. First of all get the patient to cough and to

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Etiology. We have seen in the foregoing pages that leprosy is

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tubes are then heated on a water bath to boihng for four minutes

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thickened and there was snapping and cracking in both knees

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Here may be mentioned among the effects of insects the remarkable urti

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If we try to find a clue for understanding a character like

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in Branchiostoma and embryos by a membrano gelatinous

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tomy was performed the subsequent progress was in every respect as favourable