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possible extirpation of the kidney, depending on the amount

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more of them are more or less permanently disabled.

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ture of the bladder above the pubes. In a paper entitled

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The prohibition of widow-marriage is, of course, at the bottom of

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Robert F. Shapiro, M.D., Lincoln Secretary-Treasurer

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special interests of the affected parties will become evi-

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that I have read on the subject, gives the following statement :

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He’d been the Commissioner of Health here in Illinois,

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Recent observations have shown the presence of an exten-

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Sensitivity reactions may occur in patients with a history of allergy or bronchial asthma

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The Branch, to be comprised of a Program Analysis Section and a Program

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deliveries, foetal and maternal deaths, occur much more

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statement that puerperal mania results from the peculiar state

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• continuing medical education programs and conferences

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other benefits of a preceptorship. AMA/PRA Category I credit

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top of figure. Legends should be typed double-space for each illustration.

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• Entrances and Stairways — All stairways should

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contraceptives, hormone withdrawal tests for pregnancy, or attempted treatment for threatened abortion).

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ever intravesical pressure exceeds intraurethral pres-

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car, holding it between the index-finger and the thumb, and

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away from the prototype A2/Japan/305/57 contained in the present

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Illustrated Material — Illustrations (preferably 5 x 7 in. glossy photos) should be

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sooner, Prof. Chisolm. I then continued through the wards.

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deal about music since then, but what I learned were

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reflex and an incidental intracranial aneurysm occurrence.

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response to adrenalectomy. Nat. Cancer Inst. Monograph

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structure, function and bios>Tithesis of macromolecules . There were 14 of

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cases where it is valuable, and perhaps imperative, and those

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charts on the international support of research by NIH could be simultaneous-

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form of animal indulgence which is as distinctly sensual,

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and spleen. The veins in these organs are destitute of colors,

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assistance to its patrons — the clinician, the laboratory investigator, the

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col Ther 32 781-788, Dec 1982 5. Frost JD Jr, DeLucchi