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bovine tuberculosis are entirely different from one another, we

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In arriving at this average, I had the measurements


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volution), for Hand and Wrist ; 13, 13', 14, Centres for Vision and Hearing.

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they were not cholera-victims from the very beginning

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accordance with our usual experience of the malady. The

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8). A definite circumscribed cavity in the bone, the shape of a hen's

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are stiff and deformed. He has chronic ulcers of both legs.

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of this contagion may be disseminated as other contagious dis-

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lower fragment is, as usual, tilted upward and back-

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in fact, to the members of the medical profession in the country.

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the malarious form of yellow fever? Our knowledge is not yet

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Kohlstock, Aerztlicher Rathgeber fiir Ostafrika etc. Berlin, Peters, 1891. Ein

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advises the use of 1 to 2 drams of brandy hourlj' in severe

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patients incident to clearing up the grounds, etc., 150 were discharged

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stimulus. The autopsy showed that the part of the spinal cord whence

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the third; the first seems the more proba- < The ears still discharge matter, and are

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be taken in toxic doses, and then purging and exces-

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3 HoflFmeieri " Ueber den Unterricht in den Kliniken fur Geburtshiilfe und Frauenkrank-

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ceive the necessity of evacuating the distended rectum or bladder, <

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its, had been for about a year troubled with slight vesical

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evaporating and thereby blocking the needle by the deposit

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producing embolism of a healthy cerebral artery, and sometimes

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face ano lips, the condition has generally resolved without treatment, although antihistamines have been useful in

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can be made comparatively safe for the patient — at least

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American Medical Association, New York Medical Journal, and Boston

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and saved, with fixation of the uterus to the abdominal wall, and sub-

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cent pulmonary tissue imtil, at a depth of about IH inches below the pleura, the caWty

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brane which is excellent for the purposes of study. Al-

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is from Madras, where the Medical Oflicers have nobly and

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intestinal coils, and but little exudate ; a small collection of foetid pus behind the caecum.

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points are the small milk-white spots elevated above the mucous

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man at great length for the sake of mastering the de-

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the lesion. In an unimpacted fracture, when the trochanter

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considerable success ; the present statistics giving 76% of cures