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A. M. Cushing, M. D., Boston. Records of annual meeting were

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the surrounding scalp The paralytic symptoms are very

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museum in natural history, — a collection of rare objects of

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but further confirmation is needed before it can be considered certain

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2. Shinosaki T : Klinische studien ueber die periodische extremitatenlahmung.

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fore, that the fire or heat during the occurrence of acci-

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The abdominal cavity contained near four gallons of serous fluid.

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of the putrid changes in the pus and the fatal sys-

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Youngblood's assistant. Dr. Hopewell, mistook a fracture at the

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already been done by Dr Leartus Conner and others. After some

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inflammation will induce sterility by a variety of means ; the

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patient was able to be up, and continued to do well, with the

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special symptoms. It probably gives rise to a rigidity of the muscles of

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De " opeu brief van Dr. Fles. 8°. Utrecht, \m>.

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extends over all the surfaces of the body. It affects the oesophagus.

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Lad been greatly dilated with belladonna, and remained

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respect. For myself i have no such scruple, and weie I able to do

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to a sufficient extent, the blood itself escapes from the blood-vessels, infil-

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believed not to be a difficult matter. In this affection

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If the above conditions are observed, the menstruum will pene-

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Additional ground for hope that Dr. Livingstone may still

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minated by retained excreta, there is " cousecutive

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fossa arise from the cecum. Mellier maintained that inflam-

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pulmonary proper, which brings venous blood and carries back

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to account for the phosphates present in the bone, and the traces of

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Internal Saphenous Vein. — Casati (Annals of Surgery) states that ex-

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! tlu- b.ah \lur. u.ilkiiiir i^ 1\ tlii- nuMii- t.ikfii .iti' llu' hall nt the t.ios,

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still rather early to tell what the result would be, though the indications were

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on the patellofemoral component of the knee joint. Pa-

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I had him indicate on a tumbler his usual dose ; and, as

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age, too, with a history of past arthritis, there is strong presumptive

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Wu are abundantly supplied in this region with vegetables, which are