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easily ' applicable. The thickness of various textures
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headache, in phthisis, in cyanotic states, in disorders of the
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As to the deeper stnictures^ the Sylvian point being the guide to
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lungs overlapped the pericardium, and were adherent
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drainage is unnecessary. In addition to these many advantages the drug is
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of which it treats, showing what has been done, the success at-
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tuted the faculty of this department. Lack of funds prevented the
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Clauson, Carl T., 1700 — 17th Ave., Bloomer 54724
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formulas, under the caption, " words of healing power,"
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the signs of natural death, but also with those which
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no doul>t, our ministei-s will wind sermons out of bar-
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“If the right to privacy means anything, it is the right of
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telligence to be, per se, diseased, or " Manie instinctive sans
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run in families-— I have seen it in two sets of sisters; and
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the sculptor, to execute, and had graciously presented
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well during the period of observation (1 month). The ringtail
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the relation to the nerve, the amount and virulence of the virus. It
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should have covered this also with caoutchouc, but that I preferred
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his jobs well. He knows what he wants— exactly— and usually
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measure, after it has been heated to 60 ° for ten minutes, its power
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misdemeanants, as a last resort. There was never any-
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horse is so lame as to prevent putting the foot on the ground at
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Dyspnea, constant or paroxysmal. The exciting cause of the paroxysms.
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there was a material improvement in the sttwls and in the appear-
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pair of the renal injury and a partial restoration of kidney function.
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this class; the best we find to be castor oil, which purges suf-
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prominently indicated, as soon as the symptoms which especially indicate
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There seems no reason to doubt that the case originally belonged to the
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Brevet Colonel Ebenezer Swift, Surgeon United S'ates
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2 Ihiiiier: Injluence of Migration upon Phthisis Death-rate
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Causation and morbid anatomy. — Many of the morbid conditions
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ature was 103.4°, and gradually falling ; at 9 A.M., the
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the intravenous injection of J oese of the living "viru-
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1890, xxiii, 497-512, 1 pi.— Michael (I.) Typhus-Bacillen
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quired. In the case reported, the entire womb and vesi-
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the facial nerve, separating the nerve into its component
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dromic period, when lightning pains are the only symptom,
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and an attempt was made to restore the abdominal wall.
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yellow fever region are less apt to contract yellow fever, and when
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The sixty-seventh session will commence September 27th. 1904. Well Equipped
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tions containing many false statements were circulated
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Of a quarrelsome disposition, he could not stay long in